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The Adventure

To seek out the world's most enchanting, rare and  extraordinary Heirloom and Fine Flavor Theobroma Cacao;  to reverently and gently process this Food of the Gods;  to present it to you in the purest form possible.

By thoughtfully tasting these fine-flavored varietals and awakening our curiosity and awareness of them, their preservation becomes possible.  

Discovery = Appreciation = Demand = Better life for Farmerrs = Better Stewardship of the Land = Thoughtfully Grown Quality Cacao = More Discovery...

Local, Craft, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate for Connoisseurs and Chocolatiers


Specializing in Heirloom and Fine-Flavor Cacao (Cocoa Beans).  

As well as our single origin and blended bars, we are also crafting custom personal batches - the traditional way people would buy their chocolate; you'll get to choose your cocoa beans, your roast profile, your level of preferred sweetness, your preferred refinement, conch and possibly aging.  We will talk over the processes and come up with your very own personal profile recipe.  For Chocolatiers and Chefs, we will also talk about your uses and flow rates for your custom batches.

Restorations underway on the historic Town Forge


An original industrial fortress of a building with its thick concrete walls, heavy metal firedoors and intricate steel windowframes; the building originally began life as the cold storage keg room for the old Port Townsend Brewery (up until the 1916 prohibition).  In the late 1920's the Port Townsend Steam Laundry and Dry Cleaning took it over and stayed for decades.  And it's most recent incarnation was the artisan blacksmith shop, The Town Forge; Dean and Steve hammered and forged their metal art into the new mellinnium.  Now its time for bean to bar craft chocolate.  As it must be.  Not only is it perfectly suited for chocolate conditions, it is advantageously situated next to the NorthWest Maritime Center where we will be bringing in our precious cacao cargo by sail.  Opening soon!  Hang in there Port Townsend!  B2B chocolate coming your way.

Meet The Ceiba


One day, my ship will come in.  

And her name is Ceiba.

Shipping cocoa beans by sail. 

Not kidding.

This is a big big deal Port Townsend. 

For more information about The Ceiba and her courageous crew, visit www.sailcargo.org.  

"On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.  Today is such a day."  Rumi

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