Sail Away - Chocolate Meditation

You are about to be whisked away to a far away land.  

A mysterious and enchanting land where Cacao trees grow.  

Close your eyes.  

Imagine you are in the tropical rain forest.  

Smell the decaying leaves of the forest floor and the briny air breezing in from the distant ocean.  

Shards of sunlight briefly clatter down through the canopy to brush your shoulders, then blissful shade reclaims you.  

Thank the Madre de Cacao for its protection (the canopy trees).  


You sense you are being watched.  

The forest is full, bristling with life.  

You open one eye and notice a Sloth is watching you while hanging upside down.  

No problem; close that eye again.  

The dense, warm air is velvet on your skin.  

You have nowhere to be other than here.  

That pesky cloud of whirling mosquito's fly off  to leave you in peace.  

And the raucous jungle sounds fade to a soft tranquility.  

You are about to receive Theobroma Cacao, a gift from the gods.